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     Our medical laboratory services operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing both community services and critical support for Kanyakumari Govt. Medical College OP & IP patients. Our 24 hours lab provides a full range of services, includes

  • Blood testing

  • Diagnostic testing and support

  • Blood draw service- All days 7.30 am. 12 noon.

  • Access to full service reference labs for more advanced testing

  • Full Microbiology Lab

  • Full Blood Bank and Transfusion service to support our ED and Surgery Departments

  • Fully licensed and well maintained Laboratory equipment’s.

     The Central laboratory service at Kanyakumari Govt. Medical College have been engineered to provide broad-based assistance to all Medical Officers of Kanyakumari Govt. Medical College campus, and to offer a quick turnaround on both inpatient and outpatient services for visiting patients. Central lab services ensure accelerated turnaround times on lab work and immediate access to the local laboratory staff and minimizing wait times.

1  Blood sugar  FBS
2  Renal function test
 Blood Urea
 Serum Creatinine
 Serum Uric Acid
3  Liver function test  Serum total Bilirubin
 Serum direct Bilirubin
 Serum alkaline Phosphatase
 Serum Total Protein
 Serum albumin
 Serum Globulin
4  Lipid Profile  Serum Total cholesterol
 Serum HDL cholesterol
 Serum LDL cholesterol
 Serum VLDL cholesterol
 Serum Triglycerides
5  Electrolytes  Serum Sodium
 Serum Potassium
 Serum Calcium
6  Cardiac Profile  CPK
 CK – MB
7  Pancreatic function test  Serum Amylase
 Serum Lipase
8  Coagulation profile  PT
9  Thyroid Profile   Total T3
 Total T4
10  CSF Analysis  CSF Protein
 CSF Sugar
11  Urine tests  24 hour urine protein
 Urine protein- creatinine ratio
1  Complete Blood Count  Hemoglobin
2  Cytology  FNAC
 Pap smear
 Ascitic fluid
 Pleural fluid
3  Biopsy  Gynaecology
4  Bleeding Time & Clotting Time
5  Peripheral smear study
6  Reticulocyte count
7  Bone marrow
8  Urine  Albumin
 Bile salts
 Bile pigments


1  STAINING TECHNIQUE  Bacterial staining
 Grams staining
 Acid Fast Staining
 Albert Staining
 Indian Ink staining
 JSB staining for malarial peripheral smear
2  STOOL EXAMINATION  Saline and Iodine Mount for Motion Ova cyst examination
3  HANGING DROP METHOD  To test for Bacterial Motility
 Body fluids
 Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
5  Fungal Culture  KOH Mount
 Culture in SDA
 LPCB Mount
6 S EROLOGICAL TEST  Rheumatoid Factor
 CRP Latex Agglutination Test
7  RPR Slide Flocculation Test
8  Hepatitis B  Rapid card test
 PCR for Hepatitis B
9  Hepatitis C  Rapid card test
 PCR for Hepatitis C
10  HIV  CD4 count
 Rapid Test-Tridot, Comb
11  ELISA  Chikungunya 
12  Typhoid  Widal Agglutination test
13  PCR TESTS  PCR for h1N1
 PCR for Hepatitis B
 PCR for Hepatitis C

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