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HMIS Details for MBBS course
1.            Periodic Academic Activities held on the Department (With Semester Wise Details).
a.       Quiz programs conducted every year.
2.            Research and Publication (National and International) for past 5 years / year wise.
a.       Presented a paper on abnormal origin of vertebral artery in XXXI Annual conference of association of Anatomists Tamil Nadu on September 2008 by Dr. V. Anitha, M.S.
b.      National Conference for Basic Medical Sciences Vinayaga Missions Medical College.
Post presentation on  211 cytogenetic Nanotechnology in cancer treatment.
By Dr. Vino Victor Jesudas, M.S., Nanotechnology and insulin Delivery yoga & IB Benefits by Thiru. S. Lenin, M.Sc. (Anatomy).
Future Medical Education (Best Poster)

Artificial Pancreas
Electron Microscopy                               Dr. C.R. Vrijakumari, M.S.
Presented a paper on Endoscopic Anatomy of lower and of Oesihagus at Vin Basic Conference March 2011 – By Dr. V. Anitha, M.S.
Variation in the origin branches and termination of posterior tibiar ostery year 2012 – Dr.G.A.Jos Hemalatha, M.D.(Anatomy).
3.            Prize and Awards constituted by the Department of MBBS Students.
4.            Prize and Awards Won:
Best Poster – Future Medical Education at VIN basics – National conference for basic Medical Sciences at Vinayaga Missions Medical College, Salem.
5.            CME’s Workshop / Conferences conducted by the Department.
6.            The short History of the MBBS for each department 100 students are admitted in Anatomy Department each year from 2004.
7.            Students attendance rules  - As per University Norms.
8.            Students internal assessment rules – As per University Norms.
9.            Anti ragging rules – As per University Norms.
10.          Students Helpline
11.          Students Council Details.
12.          Institutional Ethic Committee
13.          Alumni Description about the Alumni

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