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Department of Community Medicine
Kanyakumari Government Medical College


Faculty Details

UG MBBS Schedule
First Year
No. of students               100 students
I Year                             30 hrs (August to December)    
II Year
III Semester                    Block posting (28 days)
Theory Classes               III Semester Wednesday 3 to 4 pm
IV Semester                    Block posting (28 Days)           
Theory Classes               IV Semester Monday 3 to 4 pm
V Semester                     No block posting
Theory Classes               V Semester Monday 3 to 4 pm           
III Year
VI Semester                    Block posting (28 days)
Theory Classes                VI Semester Tuesday 12 to 1 pm &
Thursday 3 to 4pm
VII Semester                   No Block posting
Theory Classes               VII Semester Tuesday 12 to 1 pm &
Thursday 3 to 4pm
Quiz Programmes conducted in department
Nursing students
Diploma in nursing (III Year)
Theory Classes             Wednesday 12 to 1 & Saturday 10am to 11pm
CRRI Per batch                                    15 to 20 students
Duration                                               2 months
Posting Places                                      3 PHC & 1 UHP & ART Centre
1.      PHC Rajakamangalam Thurai
2.      PHC Chenbagaramanputhoor
3.      PHC Kothanallur
1.      UHP Vattavillai
1.      ART Centre KGMC Campus
1.      Introduction Classes
2.      Posted  in PHC / UHP / ART Centre
3.      Primary health care
4.      National Health programmes
5.      Preventive / Promotive / Curative  Programmes
6.      Review meeting once in 15 days Time 3 to 4 pm
7.      Project Work
Public Health activities by department
1.      Chickenguniya Awareness camp 25-02-2010
2.      World Health Day 09- 04-2010 (Rally College to Collector office)
3.      Health Camp in Parakingal on 27 -04-2010
4.      World Health Day in Vattavillai UHP 11-04-2012
5.      Dengue awareness camp 09-06-2012
6.      Dengue awareness Rally 29-10-2012 (Rally College to Collector office)
7.      School awareness programmes
8.      Public awareness programmes
9.      World Health day medical camp in Christopher Bus stand  Vadasery 07-04-2013
Block Posting Field visits
III Semester (I posting)
1.      Noon Meal Centre
2.      Aavin
3.      Nagercoil Filter House
4.      Immunization Programme
5.      Health Sub Centre       
6.      Rural survey – 5 days
7.      Symposium
8.      Spotters in Community Medicine Museum
III Semester (II posting)
1.      School Health Programme
2.      Primary Health Centre
3.      Oxidation pond/ Bio Medical Waste
4.      Urban Health Post
5.      TNMSC
6.      Observatory Centre
7.      Urban survey  - 5 days
9.      Symposium
8.      Spotters in Community Medicine Museum
IV Semester (III Posting)
1.      Filaria Office
2.      Leprosy Centre
3.      Malaria Spray work
V Semester (IV Posting)
1.      PHC centre
2.      RNTCP centre
3.      ART Centre / ICTC Centre
4.      Slaughter house
5.      Compost yard
6.      Industry visit (Spinning mil, floor mill, Rubber Factory)
7.      Sewage farm
8.      Catering establishment
9.      Place of public resort – (Theatres)
10.  DDHS Office
11.  Corporation / Municipal Office
12.  Case Presentation
1.      A Study on awareness about HIV among college students
2.      A study on the prevalence of Cataract and its associated factors in rural population
3.      A Study on the Prevalence of obesity among school going children
4.      A study on the health profile of children in an orphanage
5.      A study of Morbidity pattern among geriatric population in an urban area
6.      A study on awareness and utilization of health care services in PHC
7.      A study on the coronary artery disease risk factors among general OPD patients in an Urban Health Centre
8.      A study on the prevalence and awareness about ARV among rural population
9.      A study on Knowledge about Immunization among mothers
10.  A study on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Contraceptive methods among rural women in a Health Sub centre
11.  A study on the prevalence of Dental caries among school children
12.  A study on the health status among Balwadi children
13.  A Study on community awareness about malaria and its control measures in an endemic area
1.      A study on Immunization Coverage by CRRI (30X7 Clusters)
2.      A study of elderly maltreatment among rural & urban elders
3.      A study on the Hospital Waste Management
4.      A study on the awareness about contraception
5.      A study on diabetic self care activities
6.      A study on awareness of Dengue fever among public
7.      A study on Road Traffic Accidents from Kanyakumari Govt. Medical College Casualty
8.      A study on outcome of antenatal cases referred from PHC via 108
Theory Classes
First Year                     -           30 hrs Saturday 12 to 1 pm
III Semester                 -           Dr. Lauvanya Wednesday 3 to 4 pm
IV Semester                 -           Dr. Rajagopal Monday 3 to 4 pm
V Semester                  -           Dr. Shanthi Monday 3 to 4 pm             
VI Semester &             -           Dr. Suresh Balan Tuesday 12 to 1 pm &
VII Semester                            Thursday 3 to 4pm
Nursing                        -           Wednesday 12 to 1 & Saturday 10am to 11pm

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