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Prof & Head.
                      Dr.Sathiapradeep Sathiadas, M.D.S.,
Assistant professor - Vacant

Tutor - Vacant

Dental Hygienist post 2, vacant 1

Dental Technician post 2, vacant 1
                      Mr. G.Mahesh.

Academic activities:

- Two Dental Surgeons are admitted at a time to undergo clinical training as Junior Residents for a period of six months.
- Weekly seminar presentation by Junior Residents.
- regular classes during clinical postings for IInd MBBS students.

Procedures in department:

- All Oral Minor Surgical Work
- Management of Dental &  Oral trauma.
- Dental Restorative Work (Temporary Restoration, Permenant Restoration, Root Canal Therapy, etc.,)
- Dental Prosthetic Work ( Removable Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Feeding Plates, Surgical Obturators, etc.,)
- Management of Periodontal Diseases ( Scaling, Flap Surgery, etc.,)

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