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Department of General surgery:

                  Though the college was started in the year 2004,this department is doing wonderful work by the four Associate Professors and eight Assistant Professors in the Diagnosis and Surgical management of thousands of patient. The vision for the Department at present is to get post graduate course in the college.

          General Surgery Department in KGMCH is having four surgical units with      four Associate Professors and Eight Assistant Professors 
- Monthly about 4000 out patients and 1000 in patients are admitted in the general surgery department
- There are 2 major operation theatres, 1 emergency operation theatre and 1 minor operation theatre
- Monthly about 100 major cases and 1000 minor surgical procedures are performed in the department 
  1.  Periodic academic activities held in the department. 
  •   Lecture classes –
                         Final year     MBBS - 5hrs/week
                         Pre final        MBBS -2hrs/week
                         First clinical MBBS - 1hr/week   
  •    O.P.clinics - 2hrs 6days/week
                 Ward clinics – 2 hrs 6days/week
  •    General Clinics – Every second Saturday of the month – 2hrs
  •    Seminars/symposium – Once in 2 months – 3hrs
  •     Surgical society meeting – Once in a month – 3hrs
  1.  Research & Publications for the past 5 years.
Some of the research publications by our faculty members :-
  1. Johnson M (First / principal author) original Article-Central pancreatectomy for benign pancreatic pathology/trauma-Is it a reasonable and a noval conservative surgical strategy
  2. Johnson M (First/Principal author ) Original Article-Trans abdominal modified devascularisation procedure with/without esophageal stapler transection-An operation adequate for effective control of varietal bleed. Is esophageal stapler transection necessary? Original Article-World journal of surgery; August(2006)30:1507-1508.DOI:10.1007/S00268-005-0754-X
  3. Acute portal vein thrombosis and massive necrosis of liver –An unusual complication after pancreatic stenting for chronic pancreatitis.JOP.J.Pancreas (online)2006;7(6);660-664.
  4. Johnson(first/Pricipal author) Role of liver resection in obstructive jaundice due to hepato bilary malignancies-Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology;December 2004;Volume 19(supplement)
  5. Oral presentation at 2ndbiennial congress of the Asian pacific international Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association Bangkok,Thailand,march 2009-management option in splanchnic artery Pseudo Aneurysms – A critical Analysis at the tertiary care referral centre
  6. Invited International guest Speaker –Oral Presentation Extra Hepatic Peri-Bilary cyst Presenting with obstructive Jaundice -A rare clinic-pathological entity that needs special attention to practicing Hepato-bilary surgeons and radiologists during the international update on Interventional Hepatology University of Napoli,Italy,july2010.
  7. Oral presentation at the 46th World congress of international society of surgery,Yokohama,Japan-August 2011 Organ preserving / prancymal sparing Conservative pancreatic Surgery-A recent technical modification that needs Special attention to surgeons in the era of organ preservations
  8. International Association of endocrine surgeons conference –Interesting case capsule session on 28.08.2011 at yokohama,japan-A23 year old pregnant woman with abdominal pain and fever
  9. Invited guest Speaker – International Scholars Session – Annual clinical congress at the American college of the surgeons,Chicago,USA-October 2012-Multimodal Algorithmic approach in the management of complicated chronic pancreatitis –South indian Experience
  10. Road map to tackle the challenge of antimicrobial resistance –INDIAN JOURNAL OF CANCER/oct-dec 2012/VOLUME 49/ISSUE 4.
  11. Improving Antimicrobial stewardship and surgeillance –BMJ2013-346-1591 doi:10-1136/bmj.1591
  12. Minimally invasive surgery for varicose – Annals of IMA AMS 92012)57-64
  13. Laproscopic ergonomics  - IAGES JOURNAL 2009 June August
  1. Prize & Awards by the department for MBBS students:
- A prize exam award for the final year MBBS in general Surgery every year

Dr.Revwathy ,Dean KGMCH distributing prize medal.
  1. Prize and Awards won
Some of the awards received by our faculty members
Best teacher ward for Dr.J.A.Jayalal, from TN Dr.M.G.R. medical  University

  1. ISS-Foundation “INTERNATIONAL SCHOLAR AWARD “ -2011 awarded by international society of surgery Foundation –Switzerland during the 42nd World Congress of International Society of surgery –International surgical week at Yokohama,Japan,September 2011in recognition of academic merits and educational efforts at home country to Dr.M.Johnson
  2. ACS-Foundation United states and Canada –International Guest Scholarship award for the year 2012 awarded by the American college of surgeons during ACS clinical congress,October 2012 at Chicago,USA to Dr.M.Johnson
  3. Best paper award-IMACON 2012 National conference of indian medical Association,Kanyakumari,December 2012 to Dr.M.Johnson
  1. CME’s workshop/conferences conducted by the department:
-State level CME conducted by the department along with ASI Nagercoil at Kanyakumari,
January 2012
-Monthly CME’s are conducted in the department


6.  Students attendance rules
  • 90% attendance is mandatory . Separate attendance is maintained in the department for theory and clinical classes from the 1st clinical year till final year MBBS for all batches.
  • Students are insisted leave letter or medical certificated=s according to the needs
  1. Students internal Assessment rules
                      Internal assessment is done at the end of their department posting both in theory and
Clinics. Average of all the test are considered for the final internal assessment
  1. Anti-ragging rules
All the clinical students are monitored by the duty Asst surgeon every day during the period
Of new admission.
  1.  Student Help line
Students register in charge Dr. Joseph Dr.P.Senthil Kumar are allowed to look after the
Students regarding their teaching schedules, clinical classes, seminars & symposium, and
Internal assessment.
  1. Dr.S.R.Rajakumar MS(Asso. Prof & HOD 1/c )
  2. Dr.A.Usha               MS (Asso. Prof )
  3. Dr.J.A.Jayalal          (Asso. Prof )
  4. Dr.Valarmathi(Asso. Prof )
  1. Dr.D.Joseph
  2. Dr.S.R.Kannan
  3. Dr.Carbin Joseph
  4. Dr.P.Senthil kumar
  5. Dr.frank davis Daniel
  6. Dr.Thambidurai David
  7. Dr.John Griffson
  8. Dr.Sankaranarayanan

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