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   Paramedical course we are conducting CERTIFIED RADIOLOGICL ASSISTANT course
Academic Acitivites
            students are posted in various section like Routine x-ray, Chest x- ray, Investigation, Mammograme, CT scan, Ultra sonography, Dark room and attending Bed x-ray in ISCU,IMCU,PICU,NICU and all other wards. They are also posted in Accident Emergencies, Casuality, Emergency OP x-ray Dept.
            The Radiologests in our Dept. conduct theory classes and the Radiographers in our Dept. conduct practical training. The special investigation and also done in the following area
      1.   Plain x-ray                        -                            Special views
      2.   Special investigation        -                           IVU, Ba med, Ba suallow, Ba enema,
                                                                                 AUG,MCU,VCU, Sinagram, Fistulagrame etc
  1. Mamogram positioning and views
  2. Dark room procedures
  3. C.T scan contrast studies
  4. Ultra sonography
  5. To tackle all emergencies in the Casualty and in all wards
Short History

The CRA Paramedical course is started in the years 2007 in the present medical college
We have 4 Radiologist and 1chief civil surgeon Radiolgiest, HODi/c
We have 1CXR,6 Radiographers, 2 DRAS and 3 attenters, 2 radiographers, 2 DRAS, and
 1 attender

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